New York State Family Tax Relief Credit

The family tax relief credit is a $350 payment to certain middle-income New Yorkers.

In the Fall of 2014, the Tax Department will automatically mail checks to eligible taxpayers. If you are eligible for the credit, you do not have to apply. If you think you are eligible, but do not receive a check, you will be able to have your case reviewed.

Eligibility requirements

You are entitled to this credit for 2014 if, on your 2012 return, you:

1.  were a resident of New York State for the entire year,  
2.  claimed at least one child under age 17 as a dependent,
3.  had New York State adjusted gross income (line 33 of your Form IT-201)  between $40,000 and $300,000, and
4.  had a New York State liability after credits that is zero or greater.

The interactive wizard will easily walk you through the eligibility requirements. We recommend you have your 2012 return on hand when using the wizard. 

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